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This is what it is all aboutthe photographs.
"Classic Images" are those beautiful formal portraits that most people think of when they picture
wedding photographs
the wedding party, the bride and groom, the walk down the aisle.
"Uniquely You" presents the less-expected, more personal side of your special event.
"In the Moment" features those priceless candid shots that capture the spirit of the occasion

unposed, unplanned, uninhibited.
"About Face" zooms in on faces old and young, relaxed or full of emotion.
"The Little Things" shows those small but important details of an event
the shoes that the bride spent weeks picking out or the heirloom jewelry passed down to the bride from her grandmother.
 "On Stage" shines the spotlight on performers, professional and amateur.
"Heart for Haiti" includes photos from the Heart for Haiti fundraiser concert in January, 2010.

Please click on any of the pictures below to see a selection of my work.

Clients write:
Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding photography.  We were absolutely thrilled that you
caught so many special and candid moments.
                                    Tanya & Keith B.

Classic Images

Uniquely You

In the Moment

About Face

the little things

On Stage

Heart for Haiti